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Thoughts after waking up in the forest.

  28.07.2017   Cedric   Travelogue   No comments

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the crisp winter air of the South-West pour itself across my fidgeting body and into my lungs that seem to be getting more

Île aux Cerfs

Île aux Cerfs a reflection by Melody We step, barefoot from the ocean into a boat on the east coast. It takes us over beautifully coloured water and past serene

Expanding Ideas of Love

  20.04.2017   Melody   Reflection   3 Comments

Expanding Ideas of Love Thoughts by Melody after watching The Danish Girl Love does not tell: it listens. Love is tender. And it can face death. Love is home & safety,

Sundays; Rest Days

  21.08.2016   Melody   Reflection   No comments

Sundays; Rest Days A reflection by Melody We drive somewhere; leaving the house, closing the windows, carrying just our water bottles and our jackets… We go somewhere new, so that


  15.08.2016   Cedric   Reflection   No comments

Afternoon   There is a sweet adoration for the time of the day when trees whisper along the breeze, When hues of gold and yellow seep through green leaves, And