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Freshwater Park

  29.06.2017   Melody   Travelogue   No comments

Just near Ascot Race Course is this little gem of a walking spot. It is particularly special during sunset and dusk because of the way the water reflects the sky's

Visiting Mauritius

  22.06.2017   Cedric   Travelogue   No comments

Revisiting Mauritius. An account written by Cedric   Earlier this year, Melody and I got invited to visit Mauritius (my second time in a year). I thought that once again,

Baldwin’s Bluff

  20.06.2017   Melody   Travelogue   No comments

I (unusually) had a weekday afternoon free, so Cedric and I jumped at the chance to pay Serpentine National Park a visit. It's beautiful this time of the year -

Bells Rapids (twice)

  16.06.2017   Melody   Travelogue   No comments

We recently made two trips in two days to Bells Rapids in Perth's Swan Valley. We made the first trip in the afternoon of WA Day, and followed the back

Ellis Brook Wandering

  4.06.2017   Melody   Travelogue   No comments

Ellis Brook Valley is one of the loveliest places to wander around on the weekend. It is not at all a far distance either, and can be approached as a

Meet the Maker at Yoke

  4.06.2017   Melody   Events   No comments

We were recently the makers at a "Meet the Maker" event at a gift store called Yoke in Inglewood. The evening was slow and lovely: we sipped champagne and chatted

Love Thread Project

  3.06.2017   Melody   Events   No comments

Cedric and I recently attended a very sweet evening hosted at The Platform by Love Thread Project. LTP describes themselves as "a multi-faceted collaborative platform for the ultimate purpose to provide

Afternoon at Point Peron

  3.06.2017   Melody   Travelogue   No comments

Cedric recently shot Ian and Alysha at Point Peron in the golden afternoon glow. Cedric and I never get sick of the rawness and wildness of this place: its salt, soft

Little Mia

  16.05.2017   Melody   Families   No comments

Maternity Shoot

  30.04.2017   Melody   Families   No comments