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Visiting Mauritius

  22.06.2017   Cedric   Travelogue   No comments

Revisiting Mauritius. An account written by Cedric   Earlier this year, Melody and I got invited to visit Mauritius (my second time in a year). I thought that once again,

Comet, Thoreau and Cox: Thoughts on Time

  15.09.2016   Melody   Reflection   No comments

Comet, Thoreau and Cox: Thoughts on Time Reflections by Melody We recently watched a movie (Comet, 2014, dir. Sam Esmail), and were struck by a scene in which the female

The Meaning of Life

  31.08.2016   Cedric   Reflection   No comments

The Meaning of Life Reflections by Cedric   I’ve been so struck by this fundamental question – “What is the meaning of life?” Most people I know have asked themselves

The Pursuit of Happiness

  5.07.2016   Cedric   Reflection   1 Comment

The Pursuit of Happiness Ever since little, I’ve heard countless voices utter the word ‘happiness’, and I’m sure you have too. Everywhere, people want to be happy and consequentially, we

Art Philosophy

  25.06.2016   Melody   Reflection   1 Comment

The creation of art is a mystery (a holy mystery, I might be tempted to say). It has something to do with self-expression, but it also has something to do with