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Thoughts after waking up in the forest.

  28.07.2017   Cedric   Travelogue   No comments

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the crisp winter air of the South-West pour itself across my fidgeting body and into my lungs that seem to be getting more

The Blue Mountains.

  26.04.2017   Cedric   Travelogue   No comments

The Blue Mountains Recounted in photos by Cedric I’ve always wanted to visit the Blue Mountains. I’ve seen countless photos and heard countless words affirming just how awe-inspiring the place

‘Les Lieux Caches’ – Perth’s Hidden Places

  6.03.2017   Cedric   Travelogue   No comments

‘Les lieux caches’ - Perth's Hidden Places My favourite spots to visit. (All images taken by me) Most people who live in Perth, or are visiting the city, are often trying

A trip toward liberation, once again.

  24.12.2016   Cedric   Travelogue   No comments

A trip toward liberation, once again. South Western Australia  The sun was rising, once again, from the east. I knew it too well. It’d been a while since I’d seen it

At Nanga Mill – a reflection

  18.10.2016   Melody   Reflection, Travelogue   1 Comment

At Nanga Mill - a reflection by Melody the distant intersecting slopes of pines the sun through rows of tall straight trees and heavy shadows stretching out over the ground

Sundays; Rest Days

  21.08.2016   Melody   Reflection   No comments

Sundays; Rest Days A reflection by Melody We drive somewhere; leaving the house, closing the windows, carrying just our water bottles and our jackets… We go somewhere new, so that


  15.08.2016   Cedric   Reflection   No comments

Afternoon   There is a sweet adoration for the time of the day when trees whisper along the breeze, When hues of gold and yellow seep through green leaves, And

Boranup Forest

We open the car door... Silence hangs from the branches. We hear a faint rustling of leaves, like the skirts of a hundred brides, pale and straight-backed. The branches flare

Colours of York

  1.08.2016   Cedric   Travelogue   No comments

Colours of York The summary of our day-trip to York The weather has been treating Perth with grey skies and rain filled days since the middle of the week. Thereby,