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I wandered my garden, which is full of colour and texture all year round, and spent time looking closely at some of the plants in it. There is so much small-scale and up-close beauty when we take the time to look. To sit quietly and draw these intricate flowers and leaves was an exercise in attention and gratitude.

All images are hand-drawn and coloured with pencil. I have printed all cards on recycled card stock and matched them with a recycled envelope, because valuing eco-friendly ways of producing art is also valuing the garden which has inspired me.

Please wander the garden of my card designs (and perhaps go and wander some real gardens too!)
These cards are for sale; if you are interested, please browse my shop. Or have a chat with me – I’d love to hear from you.
A single card for $5.00 AUD;
A pack of 4 for $15.00 AUD;
A pack of 12 for $30.00 AUD.
This is my first series of cards. I have also created The Place Series, which you can find here.