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Île aux Cerfs
Melody | 3 June
Île aux Cerfs a reflection by Melody We step, barefoot from the ocean into a boat on the east coast.
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Expanding Ideas of Love
Melody | 20 April
Expanding Ideas of Love Thoughts by Melody after watching The Danish Girl Love does not tell: it listens. Love is tender.
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At Nanga Mill – a reflection
Melody | 18 October
At Nanga Mill - a reflection by Melody the distant intersecting slopes of pines the sun through rows of tall
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Comet, Thoreau and Cox: Thoughts on Time
Melody | 15 September
Comet, Thoreau and Cox: Thoughts on Time Reflections by Melody We recently watched a movie (Comet, 2014, dir. Sam Esmail),
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The Meaning of Life
Cedric | 31 August
The Meaning of Life Reflections by Cedric   I’ve been so struck by this fundamental question – “What is the
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Sundays; Rest Days
Melody | 21 August
Sundays; Rest Days A reflection by Melody We drive somewhere; leaving the house, closing the windows, carrying just our water
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Cedric | 15 August
Afternoon   There is a sweet adoration for the time of the day when trees whisper along the breeze, When
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Boranup Forest
Melody | 6 August
We open the car door... Silence hangs from the branches. We hear a faint rustling of leaves, like the skirts
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The Pursuit of Happiness
Cedric | 5 July

The Pursuit of Happiness Ever since little, I’ve heard countless voices utter the word ‘happiness’, and I’m sure you have

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Art Philosophy
Melody | 25 June

The creation of art is a mystery (a holy mystery, I might be tempted to say). It has something to do

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