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Boranup Forest
Melody | 6 August
We open the car door... Silence hangs from the branches. We hear a faint rustling of leaves, like the skirts
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Colours of York
Cedric | 1 August
Colours of York The summary of our day-trip to York The weather has been treating Perth with grey skies and
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An Adventure To The Tropics, Mauritius
Cedric | 20 July
An Adventure To The Tropics, Mauritius In the months of January and February 2016, a friend and I went on
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Three short poems by William Blake
Melody | 19 July
Three Short Poems by William Blake And three short responses by Melody The First: “Eternity” He who binds to himself
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Textures: A Poem
Melody | 10 July
Textures Look at large views and be reduced with awe, but don’t neglect the very small: bury your face in
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The Pursuit of Happiness
Cedric | 5 July

The Pursuit of Happiness Ever since little, I’ve heard countless voices utter the word ‘happiness’, and I’m sure you have

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Art Philosophy
Melody | 25 June

The creation of art is a mystery (a holy mystery, I might be tempted to say). It has something to do

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