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Thoughts after waking up in the forest.
Cedric | 28 July
It’s been a while since I’ve felt the crisp winter air of the South-West pour itself across my fidgeting body
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Cooloongup Lake
Melody | 4 July
Here's a new place to us: Cooloongup Lake. We discovered it by looking on Google Maps for somewhere to explore.
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Freshwater Park
Melody | 29 June
Just near Ascot Race Course is this little gem of a walking spot. It is particularly special during sunset and
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Visiting Mauritius
Cedric | 22 June
Revisiting Mauritius. An account written by Cedric   Earlier this year, Melody and I got invited to visit Mauritius (my
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Baldwin’s Bluff
Melody | 20 June
I (unusually) had a weekday afternoon free, so Cedric and I jumped at the chance to pay Serpentine National Park
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Bells Rapids (twice)
Melody | 16 June
We recently made two trips in two days to Bells Rapids in Perth's Swan Valley. We made the first trip
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Ellis Brook Wandering
Melody | 4 June
Ellis Brook Valley is one of the loveliest places to wander around on the weekend. It is not at all
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Meet the Maker at Yoke
Melody | 4 June
We were recently the makers at a "Meet the Maker" event at a gift store called Yoke in Inglewood. The
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Love Thread Project
Melody | 3 June
Cedric and I recently attended a very sweet evening hosted at The Platform by Love Thread Project. LTP describes themselves as
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Île aux Cerfs
Melody | 3 June
Île aux Cerfs a reflection by Melody We step, barefoot from the ocean into a boat on the east coast.
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Afternoon at Point Peron
Melody | 3 June
Cedric recently shot Ian and Alysha at Point Peron in the golden afternoon glow. Cedric and I never get sick of
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Black River Gorges
Melody | 3 May
Black River Gorges by Melody  I saw the view three times. The first: clouds were high, but growing heavier until
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The Blue Mountains.
Cedric | 26 April
The Blue Mountains Recounted in photos by Cedric I’ve always wanted to visit the Blue Mountains. I’ve seen countless photos
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Expanding Ideas of Love
Melody | 20 April
Expanding Ideas of Love Thoughts by Melody after watching The Danish Girl Love does not tell: it listens. Love is tender.
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Anna Karenina
Melody | 22 March
Anna Karenina: Understanding Levin's Meaning of Life A short analysis by Melody Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina is described as a love
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‘Les Lieux Caches’ – Perth’s Hidden Places
Cedric | 6 March
‘Les lieux caches’ - Perth's Hidden Places My favourite spots to visit. (All images taken by me) Most people who live
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A trip toward liberation, once again.
Cedric | 24 December
A trip toward liberation, once again. South Western Australia  The sun was rising, once again, from the east. I knew it
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Sometimes (A Poem)
Melody | 5 November
Sometimes (A Poem) By Melody Sometimes the sun is felt by all the far reaches of your skin, and you
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At Nanga Mill – a reflection
Melody | 18 October
At Nanga Mill - a reflection by Melody the distant intersecting slopes of pines the sun through rows of tall
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Moon and Me
Melody | 22 September
Moon and Me A poem by Melody It was the moon, not pale-faced and insipid, but luminous and holy, that
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Comet, Thoreau and Cox: Thoughts on Time
Melody | 15 September
Comet, Thoreau and Cox: Thoughts on Time Reflections by Melody We recently watched a movie (Comet, 2014, dir. Sam Esmail),
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The Meaning of Life
Cedric | 31 August
The Meaning of Life Reflections by Cedric   I’ve been so struck by this fundamental question – “What is the
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Sundays; Rest Days
Melody | 21 August
Sundays; Rest Days A reflection by Melody We drive somewhere; leaving the house, closing the windows, carrying just our water
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Cedric | 15 August
Afternoon   There is a sweet adoration for the time of the day when trees whisper along the breeze, When
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