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Who are we? 

A creative couple from Perth, Western Australia.

Cedric Tang is primarily a photographer and video-maker, but is also a musician & a spontaneous adventurer.

Melody Crouch is primarily a visual artist, poetic writer and lover of the wild & natural.

What do we do?

We create art through different mediums, explore places and try to live authentic lives.

We work with people on all sorts of projects such as wedding photography and videography, lifestyle and portrait shoots, invitation and other stationery design and commissioned art pieces.

How can I keep up to date? 

Follow us on Instagram (we update our personal accounts daily) or like us on Facebook (@cedricandmelody).

Cedric’s Instagram – @ok.cedric

Melody’s Instagram – @andmelody_

Why does Cedric & Melody exist?

We have both been creating and learning and using our inner landscapes to produce Art for some time now.  We have wanted a place to collect our individual and joint creations, and share them with other people. Hence the birth of this website. Though we express ourselves primarily through different mediums of art, we share the same motivation which brings about our artistic creations. The convergence of our individual mediums of art will, we hope, reflect the larger essence of our together-life and the values we hold.

We hope this website will carry those values by:

A. being an authentic display of our art, our heart’s work.

B. communicating genuinely with people regarding art, life and philosophy.

C. generating new ideas, and encouraging and blessing those who visit.

What do we value? 

We value authenticity and naturalness. Honest self-expression is vulnerable and courageous.

We value beauty which has depth. We do not exclude the simple from beauty, but dignify it by recognising that it has a metaphysical complexity.

We value openness to the new and the strange. We value the humility required for this openness. Our teachers come in both common and surprising forms.

We value the convergence of diversity, and the ability to let paradoxes live.

We value gentleness with other people; with our own bodies, minds and spirits; and with the natural world.

Want to work with us? 

We are eager to meet new people and work on all sorts of projects that have at their heart values that we believe in.

Please send us an email to hello@cedricandmelody.com – we look forward to hearing from you!


We see Art predominantly as a way of life. Thus we seek to be creative in life: in the way we love, the way we engage with the natural world, the way we approach suffering, and the work we do. In our own methods and styles, we find outlets of creativity through photography, visual art, philosophical writingpoetry and music. You will find examples of these on this website – please browse.


We think art should be incorporated in our every-day environments. Therefore we endeavour for our art to be useful – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Whether it be something to refresh eyes that see too much city-scape, to capture precious memories, or to carry loving words, we hope our art may be a blessing.


We seek to communicate authentically through our art because we believe community is essential for wholesome living. In forms such as writing, photography and drawing, we want to engage with the world around us in a loving and open way. We desire that our art, as an extension of ourselves, will encourage you to seek Truth and Beauty. We’d love to talk with you.