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Revisiting Mauritius.

An account written by Cedric


Earlier this year, Melody and I got invited to visit Mauritius (my second time in a year). I thought that once again, I’d get to see the deep green mountains surrounded by rolling sheets of textured grey and non-textured grey alike. My body throbbed at the chance of getting to visit this place again, especially just after getting my camera back from a 2-month-long repair and $900 later.

Fast forward to getting there. Man, oh man, did the humidity hit us upon stepping out of the airport. We arrived at around 5pm, making it prime time to catch the falling sun and the vibrant orange sky on the drive to the house. Our eyes were fixated to a few things – the changing colors and dynamics of the clouds, the far and near mountain ranges that remained solemn as we drove past, and the turbulent yet exciting driving that Mauritians perpetually put on display for fearing tourists to enjoy.

It is very hard for me to summarize all the good things without going into novel-length, but I guess that is why I photograph – to document and to share in visual form the things and places I experience without the need for words. You get to see things from my perspective, so in a sense, it’s a kind of like putting yourself in my shoes and therefore, is a vulnerable act. This makes me very humbled to share my photographs with you.

Our experiences in Mauritius were unreal. We hiked mountains pre-dawn while it was pouring down with rain and while the clouds and fog were completely engulfing the mountains. We swam in a fresh water mountain stream on one of our hikes (this trail also involved walking through damp rainforests filled with wildlife). We witnessed the sheer power and intensity of a waterfall right in front of our eyes. We got to stand on the edge of Mauritius and enjoy panoramic views of where the ocean meets the land. Most importantly, we got to experience new things. Things that have changed us, inspired us, and shaped us in ways that staying at home wouldn’t have. It’s kind of funny, but experiencing these differences really make you realise how fundamentally, these un-similar things are actually and quite profoundly, very similar.

Here, why don’t you ‘put my shoes on’ and experience, even if faintly, how Mauritius is.


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