Bells Rapids (twice)

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We recently made two trips in two days to Bells Rapids in Perth’s Swan Valley. We made the first trip in the afternoon of WA Day, and followed the back paths up a hill to a special clearing that looks out on Perth city all spread out (and twinkling when its dusk). We watched the sunset from here, enjoying the place to ourselves. Then, excited by the darkness that had come quickly and eager to make it back home in time for dinner, we ran down the hill. We must have had more confidence because we couldn’t see very well all the loose gravel and honkey nuts along the path. I suppose we got off pretty lightly. There were not rolled ankles or gravel burns… just Cedric’s phone decided to pop out of his pocket somewhere along the path.

And that is the reason we came back the next day! The second day we retraced our steps and there on the track, propped upright between two stones was his phone. Someone had found it that morning and left it in the middle of the path for us to spot. Thank you stranger! This time we enjoyed the river, and the warm sun. We wandered over rocks and found a shady spot to sit down and stick our toes in the freezing (!!) water. After the beauty we saw and dreamy experiences we had in those two days at Bells, I think perhaps Cedric could have dropped his phone on purpose… any excuse!


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