A trip toward liberation, once again.

South Western Australia

 The sun was rising, once again, from the east. I knew it too well. It’d been a while since I’d seen it rise because since it’s approaching summer, it now rises at around 5 in the morning – way too early… But the real problem was when did I stop wanting to see what the world has to offer? When did I forsake myself? When did these pessimistic thoughts and this subtle yet self-detrimental narcissistic view of the world creep into my body? Since when was (what-seemed-to-be) perpetuity of the lack of freedom okay?

I needed change. I needed to feel afresh again. I needed a reminder of how small I truly am, and how temporal yet significant life is. I needed first and foremost, to obtain back my desire and passion and zeal for living authentically.

So after contemplating the previous night, I decided that I would go on a trip down south somewhere. I didn’t know exactly where, but just somewhere. I soon realised that I might potentially need a friend, as a lot of my creative outwork involves a subject of some sort in the picture. So I called the cousin (Ian) in the morning, and when he got back to me with a positive answer in the afternoon, I packed up some clothes, toiletries, the portable stove, my sleeping bag and of course, my camera and lenses, and off I went.

I drove to his house, picked him up and we were on our way. Our first stop was old mate Yallingup. We got there just as the sun was setting (we lost a precious ten minutes because the cops pulled us over). I rushed out of the car with my camera and a couple of lenses, and like mad kids, we ran toward the northern hills in search of a good view and some nice spots for photos. Have a look below.

After all the gallivanting, I was ready for my warm skin to breathe again, for my body to be refreshed by water. It was already dark by then. We headed back to the main beach in hope to use the showers. Luckily, no one was there, so we hopped in straight away and turned on the tap, and oh man, was it cold! But oh man, was it good!

We then headed to Canal Rocks to cook ourselves some dinner. I brought out the portable stove and served up two packets of Paella, one of them was undercooked, and the other had too much water, but we didn’t care. Even deep-fried bacon would’ve tasted good at that time. Oh, and did I mention the stars? The dark sky was lit by millions of tiny orbs upon millions of tiny orbs, and in a voice of awe and reverence of this sight, I hear the words “Man, I’ve never seen so many stars in my life”, proceeded by “We’re going to sleep like kings tonight!” … The prior was far from correct… Although, I did feel a wind of awe and excitement fill my body again.


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