Sundays; Rest Days

A reflection by Melody

We drive somewhere; leaving the house, closing the windows, carrying just our water bottles and our jackets…

We go somewhere new, so that the newness can open our eyes;

The bright sun also opens our eyes. It is just warm enough to protect our skin from the cold air;

I lay down on a bench, and the sunlight comes through my finger-tips like golden jewels. The shadows flicker over my face and I contemplate the underside of leaves which are between me and the sky – that open expanse of blue.

Below is grass. We have wandered through its long, slender blades, past flooding paths to this place of quiet repose.

We use Sunday to forget time for a while; to silently, or with a laugh, enjoy each other; to be filled with this thought again: there are so many wonderful things to be alive for.

To You,

Explore somewhere new this Sunday. Spend some lazy, quiet hours, letting time roll on at its own pace, without marking it.

Read some words that inspire you –  quietly, or out loud.

Remember the loveliness of the sun, or of the breeze through a window.

Tell your loved ones that they are precious…

Allow room in your mind to contemplate all the wonderful things there are to be alive for.


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